Benefits of Cassia Tea

In particular, the name of the cassia announcing its name recently , sometimes used alone, sometimes used to prepare mixed with different teas.

What good is the cassia tea?

It also gives calmness and serenity to the soul of the cinnamon that regenerates and strengthens the body . A kind of natural laxative senile softens the bowel. The best-known benefit is good digestive system. For this reason, weight loss is a very useful supporter. It can also be used to clean the intestines before colonoscopy.

How to prepare cassia tea?

Cassia tea is prepared by the methods of preparing classical herbal tea. It should not boil the plant. Two teaspoons of cinnamon on the boiling water is poured. 5 minutes of brewed cassia tea is ready for consumption. It is also possible to prepare cassia tea as cold. For this, two teaspoons of cassia in a glass of water for 6 hours should be waited. It will be more effective to consume in the evening.It is useful not to consume more than one cup.

Health Benefits of Cassia Tea

As a result of researches, it has been discovered that cassia tea has very useful properties for health. Cinnamon tea which provides effective protection against infections also prevents the formation of stomach ulcers. It also helps lower intestinal worms. It spasms the skin. Good for gout. Effective in the treatment of pain pains. Eliminates constipation. If there is a problem of hair loss, the tea can be brewed into the hair. It will significantly reduce spillage. Also when cleaning the blood, it removes the bile. Strengthens the heart and eliminates muscle contractions. Cassia tea gives the body a feeling of satiety. In this aspect, it helps to lose weight. It is one of the preferred teas in many diets.

Side Effects and Losses of Cassia Tea

Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon Tea

As it is in every herbal tea, it should not be exaggerated in the amount of consuming cassia tea . Since the cassia plant is very rich in active ingredients, it is useful to consume it carefully. Senna tea can cause miscarriages should not be consumed by pregnant women. Small gallstones should not be used as they may cause bile colic. It should not be taken with blood thinner drugs. Acute, liver inflammation, gastritis stomach and twelve finger ulcers should not use tea. May cause intestinal laziness as it may irritate the intestinal mucosa. Excessive use of sinamek can reduce the potassium in the body and cause the heart muscles to slow down. It is better not to use cassia tea for a long time in a row.

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