Norton Commando 750 Cafe Racer bear hilly green

Cafe racer! Here are the stunning images of the Norton Commando Cafe Racer with the high green hills by Fuller Moto shop from Texas region.

Motorcycle exhibition handbuilt rocked both the Austin, Texas, earlier this month. As proper names, the exhibition brings dozens of cars, including the Norton Commando 750 from Fuller Moto shop.


The car is called the nickname ‘Misty Green’

Kyle Frey is the owner of the Norton from his uncle – Mr. Fred Heistand. Before that, he lived in New York and is an active staff of the Financial District. But then, he decided to leave the city to start a new life in the hills of Texas in the aftermath of the event on 11/9.

When to Texas, Kyle saw the Cafe Racer at Fuller Moto shop and instantly, he felt very excited about the style of Norton Commando transfiguration.

Fuller the Moto group of Kyle Frey helped implement his wishes with this car. One of the goals of the group when the vehicle is cut the car’s weight to a minimum. Weighing about 210 kg, Commando is not too heavy, but cars using only 58 horsepower engine should Bryan switched the heavy three previous power ball with lighter types.

Here are the beautiful images of the Norton Commando Cafe Racer this.

Kyle’s uncle – was custom ongFred some parts of the car such as the chassis, the saddle. Three separate power ball and outriggers were stripped and can not be used.

Commando frame system using oil. Rear wing contains a small reserve fuel tank with battery and controller. The line runs around the frame to pump oil.

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