How to make our Accounts password Secure

Password Secure Ways for Online Accounts :

The web is increasing daily and every user will have accounts in the online properties like mails , social networking accounts and many other. As we are so busy we need to remember our passwords of accounts and sometimes we will forget the passwords and also choosing the passwords is also a important thing to keep our online account secure.

Here are few steps to keep our accounts password secure :

Never share Passwords : May it be any online account or any offline account like ATM pins etcc never sharee your passwords to any one , his can make you insecure. Actually password is for secret , and if we reveal it to someone whats the use of password.

Change your passwords : Change the passwords of your account frequently , because the password can be noticed by anyone or may have been copied with online tools , so keep on changing the passwords , if you are a gmail account user try to look on how to change gmail passwords here.

Choose the Secure passwords : All the account providers ask you t choose the secure password with restrictions like minimum 8 characters , Captail and small letters , numerical s , alphanumerical , so try to pick the password aas hard as possible , such that your friends cannot also guess.

Final words from Tipstechtricks : We request all our users to keep the account passwords , because these are so much important and if you lose passwords or if your account get lost then you need to get a new account and any important data stored is all lost or theft by any of the cyber criminals , so please make your account ssecure and let us know still there are any new methods to keep our accounts secure and  comment below the methods.

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